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Umeken Japanese Shouka Koso Digestive Enzymes 2g X 60 Pkts

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Product Description



  • Umeken Japanese Shouka Koso Digestive Enzymes from Japan
  • Fermented Vegetable and Grain with Digestive Enzymes Supplement
  • Special Enzyme Blend Just for the Stomach!
  • Contains 5 Digestive Enzymes for Healthy Digestion

Umeken Shouka Koso-Top Improvements from a High Enzyme Diet

With 5 digestive enzymes and blend of fermented vegetables and grains, Umeken Shouka Koso can help you digest any kind of food you eat!


  • Breaks down proteins in meat
  • Protease supplement on an empty stomach can improve immune functions
  • Inflammation and promotes better blood circulation.
  • Usually found in gastric juice


  • Breaks down fat in meat
  • Reduces cholesterol and helps with weight loss
  • Excreted in bile


  • Breaks down carbohydrates in rice, bread, etc.
  • Decreases desire for over consumption of food.
  • Released in saliva while chewing
  • It is important to chew food properly


  • Breaks down lactic acid
  • Essential when consuming milk or other milk products
  • Lack of lactase can lend to lactose intolerance symptoms


  • Made from fungi
  • Breaks down vegetables fiber, cellulose, and cereal glucan
  • Facilitates nutrient uptake by decomposing the cell walls of fruits and vegetables

Special enzymes for digestion

Difficulty in digestion can be the source of chronic illness. Of the thousands of enzymes in existence, Umeken Shouka Koso combines those which are specialized for digestion. With special enzymes created using world-class fermentation technology, this product is recommended for people who suffer digestive problems even after overeating a bit, those who always feel bloated and unpleasant inside, and just about anyone who lives with chronic digestion discomfort and gastric hyperacidity. This product is particularly recommended for avoiding after-meal drowsiness. Completely forget about your digestion problems and enjoy the fresh feeling that comes from taking Umeken Digestive Enzymes.

We don't live on the food we eat, but on the food we digest. An automobile needs gas to run, but if the battery doesn't spark the ignition to get things started, the gas can't do its job. In the same way, if the enzymes do not digest and break down the food we eat, the food can't be absorbed into the body to become energy.

What are the first symptoms that indicate a fall in digestive function? 

Digestive problems can result in gas, stomach bloating, nausea, diarrhea, and constipation. Since nutrients which are not digested or broken down cannot pass through the wall that separates the intestines and blood vessels, they cannot be used in generating body tissue or in the metabolic process of the organs. Chronic deficiency in digestive enzymes leads to many disorders, even weight gain which are caused by lack of nutrients and excessive fat build-up, and this can also lead to degenerative inflammatory disorders.

What is the proper solution to digestive problem? 

When people have problem with their digestion, rather than looking for a fundamental solution, they often choose stop gap measures instead. For example, if our stomach feels sick, we take an antacid to get over the discomfort quickly. And even if the same sick feeling comes back, we just take another tablet. This solves nothing at a fundamental level, though, and it causes side effects in the digestive process and physiological functioning of the body, leading to a weakening of the digestive organs and even making it so that the enzymes cannot do their job – which also leads to a further reduction in enzyme secretion.

Digestive problems are often caused by a deficiency in enzymes and so one must take the appropriate measures to deal with this. Good methods for proper digestion include consuming needed nutrients, following a healthy lifestyle, doing physical exercise, and avoiding stress. But in addition to the consumption of nutrients and a healthy lifestyle, it may also be necessary to get additional help by taking enzyme supplements.

By supplementing the digestive enzymes to maintain the quantity and activity of the enzymes at an appropriate level, the body is returned to balance so that it can break down nutrients and get the energy it needs. In particular, enzyme supplements help to strengthen the digestive functions which have been weakened due to aging and disease. 


2g x 60 Pks


Umeken Co. Ltd. 

3-27-7 Dainichi-Cho, Moriguchi

Osaka 570-0003 Japan


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Check with your health care professional or a registered dietitian before using any dietary supplements.

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