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Blessing Birdnest Dried Premium SUPER RED AAA Grade Edible Bird's Nest 2oz

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Product Description


  • Blessing Birdnest Premium SUPER RED AAA GRADE Edible Bird's Nest

  • 100% natural and harvested from the finest bird's nests in Indonesia

  • Each nest is meticulously cleaned by hand with ZERO chemical enhancers

  • No fat, no preservatives, no cholesterol, low in calories

  • Promotes good health, especially for the skin

  • Restores and maintains body functions

  • Richness in amino acids, proteins, and minerals

  • AAA grading bird's nest which is highest quality

  • Good for kidney and lung health

  • Natural immune booster

  • Essential for healthy development in children growing period.

  • Product of Indonesia

What is Edible Bird's Nest? 

Edible bird's nests are bird nests created by edible-nest swiftlets, Indian swiftlest, and other swiftlets using solidified saliva, which are harvested for human consumption.

Blessing BirdNest's products are made with raw, natural material. They own bird nest houses that harvested periodically. Cleaning operation is done in-house by their own staff in East Java, Indonesia.

What is Super RED AAA Grade Birdnest?


Red bird’s nest, also known as the blood bird’s nest, is the rarest and most luxurious, most nutritional, health benefits, and demanded bird nest. These bird nests are originally discovered in caves across Southeast Asia. Red bird’s nests are highly sought after because of their fabulously vibrant crimson that’s unseen in other types of bird’s nests.

There are several hypotheses on how red bird’s nests have their crimson color. The original hypothesis was that red bird’s nests have a crimson appearance because the swallows’ saliva that’s used to build a red bird’s nest contains blood. When swallows work diligently to construct multiple nests strand by strand over their lifetime, they overwork and their saliva glands are strained and blood starts to seep out. That blood mixes with saliva and the result is a crimson-colored liquid.

The most recent hypothesis that scientists have come up with on why red bird’s nests are red is related to the swallows’ diet. One of the swallows’ favorite foods in its Southeast Asian habitat is the lotus flower, a common plant with round seeds that can have a dark red hue. The swallows snack on these seeds and the red color from the seeds is tainted on their mouths. The swallows then fly back to their home to build a bird nest. The swallows’ special diet and micro-climate in areas in Indonesia give these nests their special blood color that doesn’t naturally accrue in areas outside of Southeast Asia. So that’s why the red bird’s nests are exceptionally rare to come across in nature and even harder to harvest in farms.


What are health benefits from Edible Bird's Nest? 

At Blessing Birdnest Edible Bird's Nests are made from the highest quality authentic swiftlet bird's nest with no additives/preservatives to ensure the best of what bird's nests have to offer.

 Edible bird's nest are considered food for “fit for the emperor” , swiftlet bird's nests have been consumed and respected as effective Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and Asian counties for centuries for its richness in amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals. In TCM, bird's nest helps the functions of the lungs and kidneys that help strengthen the immune system and are essential for healthy development in children growing. With high nutritional and medicinal value, bird's nest believed great for anti-aging and health benefits.




PT. Menara Persada Abadi

Surabaya-60133, East Java



Blessing Birdnest

California, USA



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Check with your health care professional or a registered dietitian before using any dietary supplements.


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